B in the Boardroom

Today, it’s more important than ever that the message of sustainability and impact are carried throughout our organisations, from top to bottom. To ensure that this is conveyed as effectively as possible, we need our company directors and senior leaders to be fully equipped with all the tools needed to take a responsible business forward. In this channel you’ll find B Corp certified consultants who can develop and deliver bespoke sessions for Board members and leadership teams on the implications both of certifying as a B Corp and the incorporation of purpose across the business. Many will be able to create training for board members and senior directors on these new conversations. In addition they can open up the conversation around the new freedoms and responsibilities for governance that arise when the commitment to transparency and accountability is embedded into a company’s DNA. This channel contains purpose-led coaching firms, governance experts, impact economy experienced professionals, leadership and training firms used to working with Boards and C-Suite executives in large enterprises across Europe.

Participating Partners