B Lab Europe has worked with both large corporates and the B Corp community to understand the types of services that are most in demand. We are building on these offerings all the time, and adding new services as well as new partners for you to work with.

Our Partners

B Corp Way consulting partners have been vetted for their capabilities, quality and commitment to the B Corp way of doing business. Not only have they themselves been through the rigorous B Corp certification process, they continue to develop specific service offerings designed for the current market.

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Would you like to become a partner?

Are you a B Corp certified consultancy company and would like to join our community of B Corp Way partners? We are planning future rounds of recruitment for new partners. If you are interested in being notified when the next round opens up, sign up below using the contact form to ensure that you stay in the loop.

When selecting B Corp Way partners, we are interested in consultancies who:

  • Are a certified B Corporation
  • Have experience working with large enterprises to improve their impact management behaviour and sustainability strategies aligned with one or more of our Services
  • Identify and deliver on opportunities to positively contribute to the immediate needs of society
  • Think systemically and collaboratively about social and environmental challenges and how to address them 
  • Continue to consider and manage the long term social and environmental performance of their business

Our B Corp Way programme is built on the same values as all B Lab partnerships, which are based on trust and interdependence: 

  • Trust that we are all aligned on the ultimate mission of creating an inclusive, regenerative and equitable economy, for all. 
  • Interdependence in the clear recognition that together we can achieve what we can not possibly achieve alone, and that acting with fairness and transparency and in collaboration will help us reach our outcomes together. 

Interested in becoming a partner? Let us know using the form below. 

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