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Created by Élisabeth Laville in 1993, UTOPIES is the first independent sustainability think-tank and consultancy in France - and one of the very first in the World. With more than fifty consultants, UTOPIES' mission is to open up new paths for corporate sustainability - by fostering the integration of social and environmental issues into companies’ purpose, innovation and business strategy. We are also renowned for our work on “positive brands©” and sustainable innovation, as well as our expertise in socio-economic impact studies and local economies.

UTOPIES is committed to walk its talk: we were ranked #1 in the 2019 Great Place to Work French list (#3 in 2020), and were the first French company to be certified as a B Corp, as early as 2014 (our third certification occurred in 2020, with a score of 122/200).
Utopies was also in charge of developing the B Corp movement in France for 5 years, till 2019.
Historically based in Paris, UTOPIES also has teams in Bordeaux and Annecy, as well as in Sao Paulo, Morocco and Mauritius.

Services Offered

Marketing and Communications, B in the Boardroom, SDGs and the B, Carbon B Radical, BIA Advisory, Radical Transformation

Service experience

BIA Advisory

In January 2014, UTOPIES became the first company in France to be certified B Corp. From 2015 to 2019, as the official country partner for France, Utopies launched and developed the BCorp movement until the creation of B Lab France in 2019. More than 30 French pioneers have been supported by our teams in their certification or recertification process (i.e. Laboratoires Expanscience, Bjorg Bonneterre et Compagnie, Nature & Découvertes, Cojean, Veja...). At UTOPIES, for almost three decades, we have been “opening new paths" for positive impact business and supporting companies (large or small) in their sustainability transition process relying on certifications / labels / standards, when needed. Thanks to this acknowledged know-how, we will support your teams (including executive committees) in all key steps of the certification process: from employee awareness to certification as such, helping you to leverage the impact of B Corp on your business model, assisting you at each step of the assessment, helping you identify the most important projects to be implemented - “low hanging fruits” as well as more strategic actions with relevant roadmaps.

B in the Boardroom

For 30 years, Utopies has been raising leaders’ consciousness to think differently about business and the world, to create a desire for radical rather than incremental goals, for innovative solutions that transform difficulties into opportunities, and for positive business models that change the world. We believe that business transformation, whether it is in our sustainability strategy projects or in B Corp specifically, is only possible if it is truly integrated at the strategic level, driven by business executives rather than implemented only at the operational level. That is why we systematically involve them in our projects, whether it is upstream to convince them and get them on board, or during the main milestones of the project. According to their needs, we design tailor-made tools and approaches: speeches by our founder Elisabeth Laville, positive innovation seminars (e.g. the Noé Program) or inspirational seminars, individual coaching, collective training, strategy co-construction workshops, or serious games (e.g. Climate collage).

Carbon B Radical

The B Corp movement and its businesses must rise to the climate emergency and adopt "carbon radical" or “net zero” strategies that engage and inspire all stakeholders. To do this, UTOPIES supports organizations at every stage of their climate journey, by:

- Evaluating their carbon footprint (including scope 3 upstream and downstream)

- Identifying the most important emission sources and co-construct an ambitious climate action plan to reduce their emissions, in line with scientific 2° scenarii

- Creating engagement strategy with their stakeholders (suppliers, customers, employees) to help them reduce their emissions across their value chain

- Supporting the development of carbon sinks through offsetting programs

- Deploying a carbon management system to track the advancement of the strategy and action plan

- Integrating carbon impacts and risks within financial management through tools such as an internal carbon price or carbon fund, in order to support climate innovation.

UTOPIES also leads the "Climate working group" of the B Corp France (15 B Corps) to build a common vision and ambition in line with the "Net Zero 2030" commitment

Marketing and Communications

We believe that strong and sustainable brands are those that serve a raison d'être, that are committed to making a positive contribution to society and the planet... and not just to limiting the negative impacts of their activities. We call these brands "Positive Brands®". We are convinced that, today, every organization has the power to transform society by putting a purpose at the heart of its actions and by promoting its positive impact through its communication. Therefore, from the definition of a raison d'être, its embodiment in the offer, to the definition of a communication strategy and the promotion of commitments, we support companies of all sizes and every level of maturity in CSR issues, from upstream to downstream. In this process, B Corp certification reinforces the company's mobilization around common good interests and the sincerity of its commitment to its internal and external stakeholders. It also nurtures the communication of a new transparent and positive narrative around this approach. We can help you produce Positive Brand® platforms, communication plans, elements of language, and communication tools (e.g. impact reports).

Radical Transformation

On a mission to further integrate and leverage CSR and sustainability in business strategies for the past 27 years, UTOPIES has over time worked with businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to help companies go beyond the "less bad" approach (minimization of risks and negative impacts) to embrace a "more good" approach that truly transforms products and services, business models or innovation processes – to better align them with the corporate purpose for a “net positive” impact on society and the planet. We believe that the B Corp philosophy, community and tools (BIA, SDG Action Manager) can act as a cornerstone for a more sustainable and inclusive economy. We will leverage these tools to analyze your business model as well as your key material issues and weak signals, to draw inspiration from best practices from inside and outside the B Corp community, and to structure a strategy that builds on your existing practices, value proposition and business models to radically and positively transform your business over the long term.

SDGs and the B

The Sustainable Development Goals are the best reference for aligning companies' activities with global needs, in order to build a more sustainable and inclusive economy. However, they are too often used retrospectively to measure contribution or provide a framework for a reporting exercise. We believe that they should be used upfront to help guide business transformation in order to truly have a significant positive impact.
We will help you identify the few SDGs you can really have an impact on - the ones relevant regarding the nature of your activity and your company’s DNA -, and focus on these in order to :
- (re)define your company’s purpose
- shape your CSR / business / brand strategies
- drive breakthrough innovation to invent new business models
- fuel your communication and reporting strategies.

Due to their global nature, SDGs are not always relevant or accurate enough at the national or regional level. We developed a tool named "Local Goals" which supplements them. It enables a company to confront or build its strategy according to the environmental and social needs at the territorial level (country, region, department) identified through 70 indicators that we have linked to the SDGs.


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