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We help the world’s largest energy users reduce their carbon footprint.



German, English

Company Bio

UrbanVolt is helping the world’s largest energy users to rapidly reduce their carbon footprint at zero upfront cost. We work with large companies as a full solution sustainability partner, enabling them to use their scale to rapidly impact climate change.

UrbanVolt offer a range of fully funded, fully project managed services including LED lighting, solar, power correction and variable speed drives to accelerate your journey to sustainability.


- UK:
Preferred sustainability partner of UKWA (United Kingdom Warehousing Assoc.)

- US:
“The ATA Affinity Program will provide its motor carrier members with access to best in class vendors and we're pleased to be joining with UrbanVolt as our first Affinity Program Partner." Kevin Traver Chief Commercial Office American Trucking Association.

- DACH region:
Preferred sustainability partner of BME

Services Offered

Carbon B Radical

Service experience

Carbon B Radical

For companies who are serious about sustainability.

By serious we mean companies who want to move fast.
No more talking or reports or greenwashing
We work with companies who are ready to take action

UrbanVolt wants clients who are ready to be carbon radical. LED lighting is one of the quickest wins on the decarbonization journey.

Changing your lighting demonstrates to your staff, clients and management that change is happening and it is usually the catalyst that begins other changes that improve your businesses carbon footprint.

Our zero money down, pay as you save offer means you can go big quickly and make your business radically different today.


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