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Toovalu, a climate software editor. Our mission is to make corporate climate action achievable for all.



German, English, Spanish, French

Company Bio

Created in 2012, B Corp since 2017. We are now a team of 15, among which climate and CSR experts and developers. We are working with hundreds of companies from small to large organisations : Occitane ; Nature & Decouverte ; Butagaz ; Davidson…

A few testimonials :
«Toovalu makes Climate Strategy simple and reachable for non experts. We are now motivated to integrate climate management in our strategy »
«My strategic commitee manages and shares our impact indicators and our progress»
«Toovalu allows me to save precious time when collecting my data»
«Thanks to SAAS mode, my data is available everywhere in 4 languages»

Toovalu's technology dives into your data to aggregate and consolidate your extra-financial information hence strengthening your positive impact
An accessible and effective tool to initiate a Climate and /or CSR strategy and move up a gear Extra-financial data always updated, reliable and accessible. it's the right information at the right time for the right person !
Clear, dynamic dashboards to communicate and engage your stakeholders. Thanks to the Impact module, you can manage your mission and your commitments.

Services Offered

Carbon B Radical

Service experience

Carbon B Radical

Carbone footprint – Learn to measure by yourself
Corporate Climate Strategy – for small an d medium companies // For large compagnies
Climate action plan


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