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dss⁺ is an international sustainability project management and consulting firm



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Company Bio

dss⁺ is a leading provider of operations management consulting services with a purpose of saving lives and creating a sustainable future. dss⁺ enables organizations to build organisational and human capabilities, manage risk, improve operations, achieve sustainability goals and operate more responsibly.

By leveraging its DuPont heritage, deep industry and management expertise and diverse team, dss⁺ consultants are on the ground and in the boardroom helping clients work safer, smarter and with purpose.

Services Offered

Carbon B Radical, BIA Advisory, Radical Transformation

Service experience

BIA Advisory

As attractive as the B Corp certification can be, it is not always easy to take the first plunge. Where to start? Who to involve? How to answer efficiently to the B Impact Assessment (BIA)? What level of detail is expected? How to organise the data collection? What efforts does it involve? How long does it take?

dss⁺ can support you through the main steps of the B Corp certification, providing some help in all the above questions.
dss⁺ has successfully supported businesses willing to certify as B Corps. We will help you set an effective action plan and a realistic agenda and will guide you through the different steps of the certification.

Our added value also consists of taking a step back and feeding your sustainability strategy with innovative and creative new perspectives.

dss⁺ offers a tailor-made support by selecting the most relevant module(s) for your company. It could include:
Introduction to the B Corp Ecosystem
Coaching in the B Impact Assessment (BIA) completion
Assessment gap to be eligible for certification and identification of required upgrades
Agenda and strategy setting according to your specific context
Identification of your Impact Business Models (IBMs)
Management of data traceability

Carbon B Radical

Businesses’ carbon footprints are a major concern today. To guide organisations towards carbon reduction, we propose a 5-step approach:

Carbon Accounting - Using the GHG protocol approach, the team will assess the carbon footprint of your company. This step will allow to identify the hotspots and to decide where to act first.
Recommendations to improve - Based on the results of the assessment, expert knowledge and discussions with your team, dss⁺ will suggest some quantified reduction opportunities. These suggestions will be ranked by reduction potential.
Selection and priorization of measures - in order to assess the feasibility and relevance of the suggested measures, we will consider organisational and operational impacts, costs and investment required, strategic aspects and impacts on your markets and value chain. This step involves a close collaboration with your internal team.
Implementation of change – we will then work on the integration of the selected measures to your global strategy. A Roadmap clarifying the timeline, the team and the responsibilities will be designed, and we will identify the internal channels and tools to use for implementation.
Reporting of progress - in order to track and communicate your progress, dss⁺ will recommend some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), design a reporting system and help your company to allocate the roles and responsibilities for an effective and solid reporting.

To fit closely to your business context and need, we can of course adapt/add/remove some modules.

Radical Transformation

At dss⁺, we aim to inspire companies to grow their sustainability potential throughout impactful changes in their operations, management practices and business model(s).

dss⁺ will take you from building your vision to an operational roadmap and will support you in your transition towards a more resilient and sustainable business model.

Here are some examples of tools and services that we use to induce transformation in your business:
Circulab - A serious game that has proven very effective to inspire and co-create around the subject of circular economy.
Materiality Analysis – An internationally recognised methodology, involving all stakeholders in a process of priorization in order to focus on the subjects that are most relevant to your company.
Environmental and social performance audit – assessment of the level of maturity and of opportunity in different domains such as governance, energy and waste management, circular economy practices, etc.
EcoDesign training and tools - handbook for designers, green material library, technical and cost analysis of a new green design, etc.
Carbon Accounting - allows to identify the hotspots in terms of impacts, and to prioritise the actions to be taken.


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