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Sustainable Growth Associates GmbH


We enable your organisation to leverage sustainability for systemic value growth.



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Company Bio

We envision a world where humanity thrives without compromising the natural systems it depends on. To contribute to this, Sustainable Growth Associates (SGA) strives to be the platform of choice for individuals and business leaders who share this vision and are eager to collaborate for achieving it.

To ensure your company’s future value growth, considering increasing pressures from stakeholders, sustainability focus is an inevitable catalyst. SGA enables your organisation to leverage sustainability for systemic value growth.

To achieve this - equipped with a science-based understanding of socio-ecological sustainability - we orchestrate the key value growth-related business drivers:

- resource-efficient scaling;
- sustainable innovation;
- attractive, purpose-driven culture as employer and partner;

leading to competitive advantage and brand equity growth.

We apply proven frameworks and methodologies, such as The Natural Step’s Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development and B Lab’s B Impact Assessment, as well as performance management and measurement tools, translating vision into strategy into action.
We are proud to be a Certified B Corp and official representative of The Natural Step.

Services Offered

B in the Boardroom, Radical Transformation

Service experience

B in the Boardroom

Do you have the ambition to move your organization forward and achieve sustainable impact, but you’re unsure how to go about it?

Then you might find yourself asking the following questions:

1. How can we unfold our potential for sustainability & impact through effective involvement of our top-level management?
2. How can we leverage the B Corp Movement to use business as a force for good?
3. What can we achieve beyond certification, maximising our organization’s impact using a holistic vision and approach?
4. How do we embark on this journey and navigate strategically through it?
If one or more of these questions apply to your situation, we’re here to help you!

We initiate a transformative change process by enabling you to discover the full value of sustainability for your enterprise and to embrace the necessary mindset, starting with board members and senior executives. This comprises, among other things, whole systems thinking with a science-based, measurable and actionable definition of socio-ecological success. This empowers you to develop your organization’s first roadmap for your transformation towards FutureFitness, including your path to become a Certified B Corporation.

Radical Transformation

Are you determined to utilize the B Corp Movement as an approach to facilitate the radical transformation towards stakeholder capitalism, creating value for all stakeholders?

Then SGA can guide you on this journey.

Our methodology for radical transformation is about discovering, developing and delivering the value that any organization will benefit from when embracing the necessary transformation journey towards FutureFitness. Following SGA’s proven A\D\V\I\S\E\ methodology, we collaborate to diagnose your current position, sharpen and visualize your success, prototype and pilot initiatives and co-create intelligent pathways to bridge the gap between the present and the envisioned future. Even though the method may be perceived as a linear process, in practice it will require iteratively jumping back and forth between the different phases described and will differentiate between incremental and more radical initiatives

As part of this transformation, SGA provides three complementary and interdependent development practices, namely
- People Development, emphasizing Leadership
- Business Development, emphasizing Operations
- Enterprise Development, emphasizing Strategy

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