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Established in 2013, S360 is a purpose-oriented consultancy company. We help companies, brands, and institutions make better choices.



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Company Bio

Established in 2013, we are a dynamic, impact, and purpose-oriented strategic consultancy company with a core staff of 20 in Turkey and the UK. We provide strategic sustainability and communication services throughout the journey towards sustainability.

Our mission is to contribute to building a different future in our country and near geography. We aim to propose simple and effective solutions to complex issues that will make sustainability possible for current and future generations.

We help companies, brands, and institutions make better choices. We believe in the power of the business world for driving positive change and scaling impact.

We integrate the 360-degree strategic sustainability approach into all business processes so that organizations can proactively respond to today's rapidly changing risks and opportunities.

We offer strategic advice to overcome obstacles and ensure sustainability while creating business opportunities by bringing the concept of creating shared value to life. Briefly, we connect benefit with purpose. We walk with our clients to activate targets.

Services Offered

BIA Advisory

Service experience

BIA Advisory

S360 has been one of the partners of the B Corp movement since 2007, which consists of companies that not only aim to be the best in their sector and the world but also aim to shape the global economy in a way that creates value for everyone. We are leading the B Corp movement as a part of the business world in Turkey to create a sustainable future. We guide companies that aspire to become B Corps and help them adopt business models in which they can create shared value for all.

At S360, we develop clear and meaningful sustainability strategies for companies and institutions to develop their ESG performance on their sustainability journey. We create road maps in line with the international standards that consider sustainability related risks and opportunities and improve sustainability performance of companies. We collaborate with various thematic groups and companies in different fields to ensure that the strategy is implemented, and its applicability is scaled. With our knowledge and expertise in this area, we are helping our clients to be B Corp certified.


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