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Rainbow Collection


We are an Impact Agency focused on Impact Strategy and building Impact Brands.



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Company Bio

At Rainbow Collection we think impact first. We can support you with creating a sustainability strategy, translated into creative impact branding with impact design, and guide you through implementation with impact coaching. And if you really want to go the extra mile, we can help you to get the B Corp Certification.

Services Offered

Marketing and Communications, BIA Advisory, Radical Transformation

Service experience

BIA Advisory

The foundation for impact is a clear vision & strategy. Most businesses are doing a lot already when it comes to sustainability and social impact, but why? And what impact does this make? We help you answer the question: where should I focus on to make the biggest impact? And where not?

We identify the ingredients for a clear vision and practical and long-term sustainability strategy and translate this to concrete and feasible programs & operations. The BIA is a great framework for it covers a broad range of sustainability topics. However, the sustainability efforts of companies should always be part of a clear sustainability strategy.

We believe focus is impact, by converting these steps into a tailor-made roadmap, it guides you thru the BIA in a practical maner. So you can keep focusing on what you do best.
We are proud to say we've worked with a lot of companies on becoming B Corp thru recent years. For example: Dept, Zoku, Bocca, Obrigado. For details cases you can visit our website:

Marketing and Communications

Every brand has a voice. How can you use your voice to create positive change – both within your company and outside? Impact branding is nothing like traditional branding or marketing. It’s about the magical sweet spot: where your brand’s DNA meets the needs of your audience and intersects with the bigger challenges in the world. With B Corp as a tool, we reflect, set goals and intertwine these impact topics. Having your values straight and you mission in place is, after all, the foundation of your story.

We support companies with internal communication: to engage internal stakeholders such as employees on all levels. We create awareness and turn them into ambassadors of the sustainability efforts of the company. External communications, campaigns and (impact) positioning and branding are tools to engage external stakeholders; drive responsible consumption and decisions and inspire others with your contribution to positive impact.

Radical Transformation

Rainbow Collection is a catalyst for change. We create and accelerate impact, together with our clients. We strategize, coach and brand. That’s how we grow strong and sustainable impact brands that address the world’s challenges from their core business. We guide and support small and big brands from zero to impact. In the serve of creating a wide range of impact we use B Corp, as one of our many tools to accomplish this mission.

By identifying “high impact” areas: sustainability topics with high relevance, influence and impact, both on operational level, as related to impact business models.

These are the areas we want to emphasize or create the biggest change in.

Radical transformation can only happen under the right circumstances. A good governance model is a precondition to do so.

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