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Quest Impact Design Studio


Quest Impact Design studio use strategy & design as a force for good.



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Company Bio

At Quest Impact Design Studio, we help impact-driven organizations measure, communicate and maximize their impact.

We are a group of business, service, and digital designers on a mission to transform businesses to make radical systems change. By combining strategy consulting and creative design we can help organizations drive positive change in a variety of facets.

Our clients vary from (social & environmental) entrepreneurs to large multi-national organizations that aim to tackle the challenges of our times. We co-create human-centered experiences, services, and brands that improve people's lives. Through our services, our customers not only grow their impact but are also able to expand their organizations with their newfound strategies or brands. A few of our clients include Fashion For Good, B Lab Europe, and Full Cycle.

No matter the service, all of our projects start with a user-experience lens, and all our decisions are research-driven. A project with us is always a custom human-centered experience we co-create with our clients.

You can contact us for: Impact Design / Digital Product Design / Strategy & Business Design / Service Design / Branding / Research & Insights

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Services Offered

Marketing and Communications, Radical Transformation

Service experience

Marketing and Communications

From large MNEs to small scale-ups, our Marketing & Comms programs are custom-built, human-centric, and co-creative.

Your Impact Market:
Our impact scan program evaluates what is happening in the market in terms of sustainability. It analyzes all your competitors' impact strategies and visually highlights your unique value proposition.

Custom strategy workshops:
Depending on your goals, your custom workshop could help you position yourself in the market, build your key messaging strategy, develop a new brand identity, create your impact marketing strategy, and more!

Everything we do at Quest is user-driven, meaning your users will be part of this new journey to inform your decisions.

Project routes can include:

Impact communication:
sustainable communications scan, impact strategy, and impact reporting

Strategic branding:
Positioning, key messaging, value proposition design
Visual branding:
Logo design, corporate identity
Service design:
Improve customer experience
Digital design:
Designing and developing websites, platforms, apps, videos

Why us?
We are an agile team with a zero BS policy. We work solely in the impact space and go above and beyond for our changemakers.

Not seeing your goals on the list, discuss your marketing goals with a free session with our team.

Radical Transformation

Though businesses are shifting towards sustainability, there is also an increase in greenwashing and a widening say-do gap. We are devoted to reducing the gap, and only growing companies committed to tackling real actionable change.

From large multinational organizations to scale-ups, we are here to help transform your business to be radically good.
Our programs are custom-made to match your unique positioning and that of your stakeholders.

We believe in a co-creation model, to build stakeholder-proven business strategies that have withstood rigorous testing and align with your transformational purpose.

Impact Scan
An evaluation of the market in terms of sustainability and analysis of all your competitors' impact strategies to find your sweet spot.
Stakeholder Research
We interview your strategic stakeholders to understand the impactful actions your organization undertakes.
Insight & Custom Workshops

We supply a very graphic overview of your organization's impact and co-create an impact strategy that will help you strengthen your position.

Custom solutions
Solutions vary per customer and could be a circularity strategy, an enhanced service blueprint, Impact innovations, improved customer journeys, etc.

Why us?
We are an agile team with a zero BS policy. We work solely in the impact space and go above and beyond for our changemakers.


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