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NOW Partners


NOW is a global partnership of 100+ senior consultants and business leaders, B Corp owners and B Corp movement co-founders.



German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese

Company Bio

Together with other business owners, innovators and entrepreneurs, NOW’s founders Walter Link and Marcello Palazzi and many of its 100+ global partners started already decades ago to co-create the first sustainable business movements across Europe, North and South America with companies like Auchan, Ben & Jerry’s and Natura. Eventually they also co-founded the B Corp movement across Europe, the Americas and Africa.

Today, NOW empowers their client-partners in their transitions towards fully integrating economic success with equitable benefit for all stakeholders, including shareholders and Nature.

NOW supports all aspects of the business transformation of multinationals like Danone and Triodos Bank, large family companies and their holdings like Natura and Marae, and system institutions like the Global Alliance for Banking in Values and the Vatican.

Testimonial, Philips:
“NOW Partners became a real partner for change, beyond delivering services. I experienced the team’s deep personal commitment and passion to deliver outstanding results that serve their clients and the world.”
-Robert Metzke, Philips’ Global Head of Sustainability; Chief of Staff of Innovation

Services Offered

BIA Advisory, Radical Transformation

Service experience

BIA Advisory

As founders and leaders of B Corps and the B Corp movement, many NOW partners bring first-hand experience with what it means to create and continuously improve B Corps.

NOW’s partners Marcello Palazzi and Leen Zevenbergen co-founded the B Corp movement in Europe. Pedro Tarak, Maria Emilia Correa and Tania Rodriquez co-founded the Latin American equivalent called Sistema B. And our partner Olivia Muiru founded the B Corp office in Africa.

NOW includes many experts who can advise corporations locally and globally on how to become a B Corp and how to continuously improve their B Corp certification scores. NOW’s BIA experts include Ryan Honeyman and Dr. Tiffany Jana who co-authored the award-winning ‘The B Corp Handbook,’ a.k.a. ‘the BIA bible’.

NOW also supports its clients in their overall B transformation to optimize positive impact on people, planet and business performance. Their clients include multinationals and large family companies that are already B Corps, as well as those committed to evolve but not ready for certification.

Radical Transformation

NOW offers a full range of ‘must have’ transformation services, including B purpose, living values and vision, strategy, leadership and culture development, innovation, supply & value chain transformation, corporate venturing, alliance building, and more.

With their ‘client-partners’, NOW co-designs locally adapted and global scale approaches that can transition any of their business activities within an integral perspective.

When NOW’s contract ends, they leave behind empowered teams who continue to innovate and model B business success that contributes to the co-creation of a regenerative, B economy.

Testimonial, Natura & Co.:
”(NOW’s partners) co-designed (our transformation) process with key leaders from the different companies, including their CEOs and founders. (NOW) intentionally supported the integration of our very diverse company cultures, which originate in Latin and North America, Australia and Europe. By involving leaders from all business functions, the group’s overall vision is now being integrated into our core strategy. Their extensive experience and seniority made them not only expert advisors and facilitators but committed partners.”
~Andrea Alvares, Senior VP of Sustainability, Brand and Marketing, Natura, a multinational B Corp

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