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Nativa is a Regenerative Design and Sustainable Innovation company, certified B Corporation since 2013 and Società Benefit since 2016.



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Company Bio

Our goal is to accelerate the change of economic systems to make a shared and durable prosperity possible. Nativa designs transformative projects that integrate sustainability into a company's strategy, to increase economic results by creating environmental and social value.
Our experience in sustainable innovation for companies dates back to the 1990s, and is rooted in the scientific research of The Natural Step, of which Nativa is the Italian subsidiary. Building on this foundation, we have created a unique strategic consulting practice to guide the executive levels of companies in bold and deeply transformative evolution programs.
We are the catalyst for the B Corp movement in Italy and we pushed the introduction of the Società Benefit (Benefit Corporation) legislation. The dissemination of B Corp's model and tools is part of our purpose, written in our bylaws.

Services Offered

Carbon B Radical, BIA Advisory, Radical Transformation

Service experience

BIA Advisory

Nativa has guided 100+ companies, from startups to multinationals, in dozens of different industries, in their path to become B Corps and Benefit Corporations. We deeply understand both the essence and the practicalities of the B Corp certification. Our practice on the field allows us to dramatically optimize a company’s learning process in the adoption of B Corp standards, and in implementing the necessary actions to improve shared value creation, and progress to become a regenerative business.
Over the years, we have experienced that, beyond the certification, the B Impact Assessment and other B Corp tools, such as the SDG Action Manager, are phenomenally suited to guide businesses in their evolution path towards sustainability, regeneration and enhanced Sustainability Profile™.
Furthermore, we are presently advising a half dozen of large corporations, including large public companies - from banks and investors to utilities, from food companies to leading fashion brands - in their use of the BIA as a self-assessment framework and as a tool to progress towards social and environmental sustainability.

Carbon B Radical

Through its Carbon B Radical framework, Nativa helps companies becoming protagonists in the global effort to achieve carbon neutrality. The ultimate goal is not only to reach net zero emissions, but to actively contribute to bring the global amount of greenhouse gases back to the safety threshold set by the Paris Agreement.

Thanks to principles that are common to every kind of organization and a strong network of industry-specific experts, the framework applies to companies of all sizes and sectors.

Measurement of impacts, interdependence among stakeholders, and antifragility are the first principles of the methodology.
Taking into consideration the nature of the climate emergency, an intergenerational and long-term approach is adopted in change management activities, and in the identification of improvement solutions.

Training, measurement of impacts and the identification of the improvement plan are accompanied by the incorporation of the social and environmental cost of CO2 emissions in a parallel balance sheet, to monitor the economic resources needed for a complete offset of externalities.

The entire framework is based on the most widespread sustainability and greehouse gases emission standards, so that all the efforts made by the company are globally comparable and recognized.

Radical Transformation

There are hundreds of managers and entrepreneurs who have already realized that the company they represent must take a path to sustainability as quickly as possible, but they do not know how to do it.

Nativa, through the experience gained by its founders in The Natural Step, one of the most important researching organizations on Sustainable Innovation, has developed methodologies and tools to guide its customers in the transformation process required to make them Future Fit, future-proof.


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