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We help leaders build the success stories of the next economy.



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Company Bio

Junxion Strategy is an international social impact consultancy with offices in the UK and Canada. We provide leaders with thoughtful advice about their strategy and planning; brand, culture and communications; and impact measurement and reporting. We help them to articulate their purpose, design for positive social impact, share compelling stories, and embrace accountability, learning and improving along the way.

We apply the B Corp framework to help companies embed purpose into their workplace culture, improve their sustainability strategies and ultimately, increase their positive impact.

Junxion has facilitated B Corp certifications for dozens of companies from large multinationals to small social enterprises.

Several of our team are B Leaders and both Principals, Adam Garfunkel and Mike Rowlands, serve as B Corp Ambassadors. Adam also sits on the UK Regional Standards Advisory Body where he advises on the next version of the B Impact Assessment.

Services Offered

Marketing and Communications, B in the Boardroom, BIA Advisory

Service experience

BIA Advisory

We’re on a mission to help leaders build the success stories of this new economy, and subsequently many of our clients are B Corps. We actively support companies as they navigate the process to achieve the rigorous certification.

Our tried and trusted approach is anchored in the idea that B Corp is much more than a questionnaire, it is a strategic framework to help a company link its purpose and its impact.

We have supported dozens of companies to become Certified B Corporations in sectors including cosmetics, food, fashion, professional and financial services, marketing, media, education and property. We use the BIA as a benchmarking and prioritisation tool to help our clients embed purpose and create the strategic plans to increase their positive impact over time.

“If at all possible, engage someone like Junxion because they will hold your hand through this process.” – Michal Szczesny, CEO, Artfinder

B in the Boardroom

Thoughtful advisors to visionary leaders, Junxion staff have dozens of years of experience advising Boards and senior leadership teams on questions of purpose and impact.

Drawing on our deep knowledge of the B Corp framework, we can advise you on everything from the legal implications of the articles change to the strategic implications of being an authentically purposeful business.

For Boards that want to explore what this looks like, we combine an Appreciative Inquiry mindset with Design Thinking tools to envision and plan a bolder future for your business, and to detail the governance structures and processes needed to make it happen.

Marketing and Communications

Globally, influences on brands have expanded to include questions of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and good organizational governance. These are the pressures—and the opportunities—of the next economy. And ready or not, your stakeholders are watching how you’ll step up.

As consultants who know how to help companies articulate their purpose, plan for impact, share their stories and measure and report on the difference they’ve made, we are ideal partners for people in Marketing and Communications roles who need to get this right.

Our TrustBrand approach is designed to help companies understand how to embed purpose authentically into communications and our expertise with Theory of Change and evaluation frameworks means you will be measuring the most relevant data and gathering the most compelling stories about the difference you make.

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