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Impact Advisors Group


Impact Advisors is a group of B Corps offering unrivalled collective expertise to senior leaders who want to future-proof their business.



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Company Bio

Impact Advisors is a group of B Corps offering unrivalled collective expertise to senior leaders who want to future-proof their business. We use the B Corp framework to help companies transform themselves and their industries, deliver impact and align their strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate action.

We bring a unique combination of in-house experience within large multinational companies and a proven track record of supporting them as external advisors.

We design and deliver effective strategies for complex organizations. We embed a sustainability mindset across regions, cultures and time zones. We develop fit-for-purpose measurement, reporting and communications that meet stakeholder needs.

Collectively, we have worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes across a variety of sectors and industries, including The Body Shop, Adidas, innocent, Microsoft, Visa, The Guardian, TUI Group, Nordea Bank, Carlsberg, Ericsson, Grant Thornton, Bridges Fund Management, Banque Degroof Petercam.

Services Offered

SDGs and the B, Carbon B Radical, BIA Advisory

Service experience

BIA Advisory

We believe the B Impact Assessment (BIA) is the best tool available for measuring and managing impact and leading organizational transformation.

We take clients on a journey to realign business strategy and governance with social and environmental impact - supporting senior leaders to identify and deliver their company's impact ambition, and helping internal champions build buy-in with key stakeholders including employees, C-Suite, shareholders and the Board.

Potential engagements include:
• 'Introduction to B Corp' workshops
• Feasibility assessment
• Baseline BIA score and gap analysis through data sources (including GRI/DJSI/CDP) and stakeholder engagement
• Performance reporting
• Improvement planning to achieve a BIA score of 80 and beyond
• Strategy creation based on the BIA, stakeholder engagement and competitive & regulatory landscape assessment
• Evaluation and certification
• Coordination with B Lab through the evaluation, verification and certification process
• Building long-term impact

Carbon B Radical

Taking strong climate action is a critical element of any strategy for social and environmental impact. We help clients understand and reduce their carbon emissions through a robust, value chain approach.

Potential engagements include:
• Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions calculations, with industry benchmarks, using the unique environmental reporting tool at
• Environmental KPIs and reduction targets
• Science Based Targets and Net Zero Carbon strategies
• Senior management engagement through Board papers and workshops
• Business case for low- and zero-carbon strategies
• Environmental policy development
• Employee communications and engagement
• Employee training and coaching through our digital platform
• Data gathering for key environmental indicators

SDGs and the B

The SDGs offer a great framework for businesses – but with 17 Goals, 169 targets and 232 indicators, they can feel overwhelming. Working alongside the BIA, the SDG Action Manager is the ideal tool to help companies identify their most important SDG contributions. We walk you through this process.

Taking these priority SDGs, and through workshops, briefings and team building, we help companies understand why their core SDGs are a business asset and how to maximise their communications potential.

We help businesses answer questions such as:
• What opportunities do the Goals offer your business?
• How do the BIA and SDG Action Manager work together?
• How do you build an SDG strategy and engage colleagues around it?
• What SDG information might stakeholders such as investors and customers expect from you?
• How do you communicate your SDG approach to best effect?

Companies we work with gain:
• Confidence about how your company moves the SDG needle
• A sharp focus on a core set of SDGs to manage and measure, with best practice for reporting
• Motivated teams who know they have a meaningful impact, both local and global.

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