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Impact46 is an impact accelerator providing strategic and technical services to foundations, corporates, investors, and nonprofits.



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Company Bio

Impact46 is an impact accelerator that provides strategic and technical consulting services to a variety of organisations helping them to define, deliver, measure and communicate their social impact. Impact46 works with corporates, foundations, and impact investors as well as supporting non-profits and social enterprises. Impact46 leverages world-class expertise and tools to enhance social impact worldwide.

Our strategic consulting services for corporates include senior-level advice on CSR/sustainability strategies, monitoring and communicating social impact, conducting ecosystem reviews and due diligence, as well as assisting companies with their B Corp certification process. Our clients benefit from advanced tools, methodologies and tech in order to design, implement, and measure ambitious social impact initiatives.

We are a global firm working worldwide, with the majority of our clients based in Europe and Asia. Our clients include Nestlé Purina, Danone One Health, BNP Paribas, UBS, SPDG Ventures, Fondation Bettencourt Schueller, Fondation de l’AP-HP, the Leo Messi Foundation, SINGA Global and many more.

Services Offered

B in the Boardroom

Service experience

B in the Boardroom

Our strategic consulting services for corporates include senior-level advising on CSR/sustainability initiatives, where we work with company boards and sustainability/CSR departments to help them define or review their overall social impact strategy.

Through this form of collaboration, we use our flagship Impact+ methodology to provide a comprehensive assessment of the company’s potential positive social impact. Based on this 360° assessment, we then deliver actionable recommendations and assist the company to turn these into an effective Social Impact Strategy.

Examples of our services include working with the CEO and Board of a leading investment firm to embed social impact into the company’s investment strategy as well as processes, tools and capacity building for investees (this also included support with the firm’s B Corp certification process). We’ve also developed impact frameworks to support Board level discussions on the company’s strategy and approach to social impact measurement, and we’ve worked with the Founders of a leading tech company to translate their philanthropic vision into reality by building and operating their corporate foundation.

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