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We design and roll out radical change transformation approaches to help organisations put positive impact at the heart of their business and governance.



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Company Bio

Since 2005 imfusio is dedicated to support organisations’ transformation path toward positive impact.

We believe that organisations have an impact and must contribute to an inclusive and environmentally friendly world, in interdependence with their ecosystem.

We are an independent and self-governed company. We walk the talk and therefore, we experiment in our own organisation what we recommend to our clients.

We are committed to working with organisations to empower individuals so that they can exercise their full responsibility in the service of themselves, the community and the world.

We learn with our clients and dare to be our primary field of experimentation.

Services Offered

Radical Transformation

Service experience

Radical Transformation

We help organisations on their path towards positive impact by designing and delivering custom transformation approaches that combine impact at individual, team and organisation levels, to make these changes happen and last.

We believe and experience that radical transformation is a long run process and therefore requires a specific path. Over the years we have developed our unique approach, the amplification process.

This process helps organisations move from an EGO system (profit-centric and competitive organisations to serve shareholders) to an ECO system (Positive impact for all centric and interdependent ecosystems to serve people and the planet) paradigm.

The amplification process helps organisations, executives, management and employees to go through several mindset shifts, helping the whole system, raise awareness, understand, support and push for a radical transformation toward a positive impact through:
impact assessment,
organisational design,
individuals’, teams’ coaching
transformation program steering

Depending on the maturity level and the target defined with the organisation, we custom-design radical transformation journeys.


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