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Our mission is to guide the transition of companies towards sustainable business models by designing and implementing positive strategies and innovations.



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Our mission is to guide the transition of companies towards sustainable business models by designing and implementing positive strategies and innovations to improve today’s practices and create tomorrow’s models, products & services and organizations.

Imagin/able is a consulting firm founded in 2008 by Thomas Busuttil, an economist and sustainable development pioneer in France. Since 1999, he created the position of Head of Sustainability in 3 listed French Groups: Vinci, Kering and SFR. Imagin/able has thus more than 20 years of experience in sustainability in diverse sectors (food, real estate, fashion, cosmetics…) and has accompanied over a hundred of French and international companies in their sustainability strategies and business model evolution (Danone, L’Occitane, Chanel, Bouygues, Crédit Agricole Immobilier, ENL, QuikSilver, Eram Group...).
At Imagin/able, our work is dedicated to demonstrating how the integration of sustainability can enrich and boost our clients’ business strategies.
We are guided by the following ambition: reinvent business, regenerate society.
Our methodology is based on 4 cornerstones:
• Environmental and societal challenges as key entries to rethink the business model and guarantee “sustainable by design” solutions.
• A systemic approach based on 4 new economic models: circular (closing the loop), functional (from product to service), collaborative (community and trust) and inclusive (accessibility).
• A co-construction process at all level to onboard internal and external stakeholders and boost collective intelligence.
• A focus on behavioral change management through neurosciences exercises to facilitate and upscale change capacities.

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Radical Transformation

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Radical Transformation

For over 20 years, we have helped big companies integrate sustainability in their business strategy, but we also saw how challenging it could be for them to do so. We are convinced that the B Corp movement has a critical role to play to guide companies in the understanding that sustainability is intrinsically systemic and deals with ecology, society, employees and all stakeholders. But radical transformation is needed to accelerate the change and to tackle the environmental and societal emergencies our world is facing.

Through our positive innovation methodology based on new economic models and our expertise in co-designing and implementing these new models, we believe that companies can engage in radical transformation to create more value for all their stakeholders. This transformation will enable companies to create business models that are more resilient and sustainable by design.

We believe that radical transformation can also materialize through regenerative strategies. We have developed a specific methodology to help companies become regenerative companies: companies that give more to nature and society than they take.

We are mostly working with medium-sized and large companies, generally listed, but our methodology can apply to any type of companies, any size and any sector..

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