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HAATCH is a consulting agency specialized in building CSR strategies, measuring environmental & social impacts & helping organizations in their B-corp certification.



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Company Bio

HAATCH is a 11 year-old consulting company specialized in sustainability. Our activities are threefold :
1/ we can help you build your CSR strategy, roll-out the related action plan & embark your collaborates on this new journey. Our mission is to align your CSR strategy with your business strategy so that sustainability fully blends into your core business & reveals the best of your DNA. Our current clients range from SMEs to international companies, across all types of industry.
2/ we can measure your environmental & social impacts. We love to work with social entrepreneurs to plug their social impacts into their business plan.
3/ we can guide & help with your B-corp certification. We became the 54th French B-Corp company in 2018.

We are based in France (Paris).

Services Offered

Carbon B Radical, BIA Advisory, Radical Transformation

Service experience

BIA Advisory

We offer to assist & guide your company through the B-Corp certification. Indeed, the certification is a real engagement of how your company can generate positive impacts. Walking the path is great yet very demanding. By the end of this year we will have successfully guided 4 companies through the entire process. They were all companies with a turnover ranging between 1 to 40 million €, both BtB & BtC oriented. We will use the BIA tool and from that we will help you enhance your practices, step by step, theme by theme. You will benefit from our experience & ready-to-use tools.

Carbon B Radical

With « Carbon radical » we will help your organization understand what’s the CO2 impact of your activities. We are part of the French official organization (association bilan carbone) regarding carbon evaluation. We can help answer your regulatory BEGES or understand further your extended carbon footprint. We use this tool to embark your teams on a carbon reduction plan & meanwhile bringing awareness on the climate change & how your company can contribute to mitigate it.

Radical Transformation

With « Radical Transformation », we offer to help your company build its CSR strategy by aligning both business & CSR CSR strategy : sustainability will fully blend into your core business & will reveal the best of your DNA. Through our methodology, we will reveal your « sense of purpose » (raison d’être in French) based on a solid materiality analysis & our pragmatic point of view. This will help bring changes in your organization by embarking your employees on a new journey. It will also transform your relationships with all your stakeholders & reveal great cooperation. We have worked with small & medium companies as well as international companies, in France but also on a European level. Radical, yes, but pragmatic !

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