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Goodpoint supports profit, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations that wish to fulfill their social role in a conscious, effective and sustainable way.




Company Bio

Goodpoint is a B Corp and Benefit Corporation whose mission is to contribute to the development of a more responsible community, where people and organizations can understand, play and enhance their social role. Our aim is to foster a culture of participation, responsibility and sustainability.

We provide our customers with a consultancy support aimed at maximizing the impact of their social role and projects, in 4 areas:
1- Strategic consultancy and training, on topics such as Sustainability and CSR.
2- Community Activation: strategic planning, fundraising, social marketing and volunteering activities.
3- Social communication: strategies, specific actions or integrated communication projects.
4- Project Management: both at strategic and operational level.
We work with an all-round, flexible and personalized approach, offering clients a tailor-made advisory service.

Goodpoint aiuta persone e organizzazioni a interpretare e realizzare al meglio il proprio ruolo sociale, per contribuire a creare una cultura della partecipazione, della responsabilità e della sostenibilità.
Forniamo ai nostri clienti un supporto finalizzato a massimizzare l’impatto del loro ruolo e dei progetti sociali, offrendo una consulenza perfettamente ritagliata sui loro bisogni ed esigenze.

Services Offered

BIA Advisory

Service experience

BIA Advisory

Goodpoint supports companies (of all sizes and in all business areas) that are beginning or are on their journey to become “purpose driven companies”: organizations focused not only on economic performance but also on a broader view of business success, that consider social and environmental performance and responsibility to society.

We provide an impact management service with the aim of helping companies track, measure, improve and report on their non-financial impact. We do this through:

- Tailor-made consultancy on the journey to become a Società Benefit: identification of purposes and impact priorities, support in all the transformation phases, definition of KPIs and production of the Annual Benefit Report
- Support in filling out the BIA form and throughout the journey to get the B Corp certification: definition of improvement goals, development and realization of short- and long-term action plans, identification of KPIs for reporting, communication of results to stakeholders.

We take care of projects from conception to planning, up to their complete realization. We have a team of 7 professionals skilled in tackling social issues, with years of advisory experience.

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