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We believe in changing the World for Good through Business. We combine vision and multi-stakeholder actions, facilitating partnerships for sustainability innovation.



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Company Bio

Focus Lab provides 20 years of experience in advisory and research services for Sustainability innovation and value creation, to cross-sector Companies and Local Governments. We help in key areas: Integrating UN SDGs in company strategies, Sustainability/CSR Management, Circular-Green Economy tools, Well-Being, Stakeholder Management, co-design and facilitation of processes/events to provide useful ideas and shared responsibilities. We combine a mix of research attitude with practical solutions, with passion and up-to-date methods for embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria and communicating positive impacts. We like walking the talk: 440 Sustainability projects implemented with a multi-stakeholder approach, 30 Sustainability Business networks coordinated in Italy engaging 800 companies on projects in partnership. Partner in 15 EU Sustainability research projects, we promoted 55 surveys on management tools and contributed to gain 26 awards to our clients for green and social achievements.
One of the first Italian B Corp certified since 2016, twice Honoree (ChangeMakers- Community), SDG Award by one of the first CSR business network in Italy.

Services Offered

SDGs and the B, BIA Advisory

Service experience

BIA Advisory

We are a B Corp certified company from 2016 and we are supporting companies of different size and sector from BIA activities to reach B Corp certification.

We focus on cross-department engagement, from employee to the Board, through various steps, adapting them to the company context/sector and profile/dimension:

• Kick-off workshops to introduce B Corp and engage all Departments.
• Technical support during BIA process
• Gap Analysis with different key Sustainability standards and tools
• Identification of key thematic actions to reach BIA breakeven with a dedicated action plan, timing and Stakeholder Engagement process.
• Technical support and supervision to implement key actions on the 5 B Corp dimensions with links to SDGs
• Support for B Corp verification and certification phase
• Disseminating results through Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement channels to improve commitment and B Corp approach in the company strategy.

Until now Focus Lab has supported 12 companies (mainly SMEs and a couple of Large companies) operating in various industrial sectors), in implementing BIA activities and planning tailor-made sustainability actions using a mix of Sustainability Management tools.

SDGs and the B

“The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are simply the World’s greatest Business Plan”, Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever and The B Team member.

We agree on this global and local challenge and that’s why we started since late 2015, among the first ones in Italy, to promote SDGs actions with a multi-stakeholder approach to our clients, Companies, Local Governments and Ngos.
We designed and implemented 45 SDGs tailor-made projects-initiatives with a range of activities: co-design workshops, reviews, research, training, debates, campaigns, networking, reporting.
We received a SDG Award by a business network for pioneering SDGs actions. Potential activities we propose to companies:
• Introduction to SDGs and the Business Case, through scenario workshops with Board, Department Managers, Employees Ambassadors, on opportunities and impacts
• SDGs Base line Review through SDG Action Manager
• Qualitative and quantitative impacts assessment and Benchmarking
• SDGs and targets priorities Action Plan development, linked to Business Strategy
• SDGs action integration with KPIs and GRI Reporting
• Internal and external Stakeholder Engagement on SDGs projects
• Multi-level Communications on SDGs and B Corp impacts.

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