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Endeva enables inclusive systems innovations. We support partners from all sectors to create systems that serve people and planet, and to find their future role in these systems.



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Company Bio

Since 2007, Endeva has supported companies, social enterprises, public organizations and NGOs to create more inclusive solutions with a focus on low-income markets.

Our mission is to help create economic systems that serve people and planet. We want to see a world where everyone thrives. We believe that through collaboration, we can make it happen. Technology is an important enabler of systems change, but we need to design these systems consciously and collectively to get the outcomes we want.

As a mission-led organization, we are independent and impact-focused. We see our clients as partners in our mission and often work with them over the long term to achieve tangible impact. This allows us to act as a trusted facilitator of co-creation even among parties who would not usually meet or collaborate

Services Offered

Radical Transformation

Service experience

Radical Transformation

Discover: Based on rigorous research, we provide insight on the inclusive systems and business models of the future, and how we can get there. Technology plays a critical role here. Services include local market research and partner mapping, business model benchmarking and evaluations.

Design: We help develop strategy, business models and systems initiatives in a co-creative and user-centered way. We also support the development of policies and programs with public sector actors.

Co-create: We curate and facilitate effective multi-stakeholder collaboration for systems change. We also provide training and enable collaboration at workshops and events.
Our signature initiatives include ii2030 for system change prototyping and Meet & Multiply for business model replication.

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