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Des Enjeux Et Des Hommes


We seek to give meaning and to engage your teams for a global performance, towards Sustainable Development.



German, English, Spanish, French

Company Bio

Des Enjeux et des Hommes, created in 2003, is one of the pioneers of CSR in France. With a multidisciplinary team of 40 experts, Des Enjeux et des Hommes helps companies in all sectors (industry, transport, food, luxury, services…) developing and implementing their sustainability strategy. We operate in France, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and India.

Our mission statement is: facilitate the transition of organizations towards more sustainable models, by providing women and men with the keys to invent those models with their eco-system.

The firm's particularity is to combine strategy consulting, change management and operational support, because we know that an approach, however robust, can only become reality if the teams (from decision-makers to operational workers) have understood the stakes and integrate them into their daily decision-making.

Services Offered

B in the Boardroom, BIA Advisory

Service experience

BIA Advisory

For many years, E&H has been assisting companies of all sizes (SMEs and large international groups) in their BCorp certification process (initial certification or reinforcement of their approaches). For large companies with different activities, entities, or subsidiaries, we have developed tailor-made methodology to accompany the change and target certification.

Our value proposition is to:
- Raise awareness and get executives and managers on board to explain the label and its implications for the company
- Develop an international pool of experts and referents within the company’s headquarter and international entities to enable smooth implementation of the project
- Assess your existing performance by deploying B.Corp assessment tools within your company
- Identify the strong elements of your company and/or the different entities that you involve in the process (factories, headquarters, subsidiaries, etc.) and the points to be consolidated (quick wins, medium term actions…) to improve your performance and target certification
- Set up and train the internal networks that will carry the project and then manage your performance over time (custom-made training)
- Organize working sessions and monitor your entities throughout the project, to facilitate the implementation of an action plan adapted to the company's ambitions and reality
- Support the formulation of your purpose

B in the Boardroom

We assist Board members and leadership teams to define the contribution that your company wishes to make to the main social, societal, environmental, and economic issues in its field of activity by involving its main stakeholders. It is a strategic direction to guide the way in which the company intends to develop its activity to contribute positively to society, using BCorp as a central tool to drive change.

We help companies to:
- Encourage Board members and leadership teams to address the question of the company's contribution to society by challenging the long-term vision of the company's strategy
- Support and train executives in fixing the right level of ambition (in line with B Corp tools)
- Set up the governance system, in line with B Corp criteria
- Support the formulation of the purpose of the company


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