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Climate Neutral Group


Supporting companies towards (Net-) Zero emissions in 2050 or before.



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Company Bio

In the past 20 years our company, Climate Neutral Group, has supported more then 3000 companies in various industries, food and non-food with climate change related consultancy services and a climate neutral certification standard/program.

We have offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa. Our team consists of 45 employees with a great passion to contribute to a better climate!

Our approach (from A to Zero Co2) is based on four pillars; insight in the carbon footprint, emission reduction, carbon offsetting and certification. We are the first climate neutral certification standard which is acknowledged by ISEAL and targets absolute zero emissions. Once certified against our standard companies, depending on the scope, may claim that their organisation and services or products are climate neutral. An important element of our program is that companies must set a science based target for GHG emission reductions over time and offset residual emissions in order to make a climate neutral claim on a product.

Communicate climate goals and results to stakeholders and partners.

Customer success stories:
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Services Offered

Carbon B Radical

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Carbon B Radical

Carbon Footprinting:
Every net-zero strategy starts with insight in your climate impact caused by carbon emissions. We have various externally verified tools and methods to calculate the footprint of your organization, products or services. We ensure that your carbon footprint meets internationally recognized standards like GHG Protocol and ISO. Climate Neutral Group has a team of carbon and LCA experts.

Target setting and Reduction:
Our experts can advise companies on setting credible reduction targets for scope 1, 2 and 3. Furthermore we support companies with development and implementation of CO2 reduction strategies and monitoring plans. We assess reduction options in energy use, mobility, transport, business travel and depending on the scope across entire supply chains in both (agri-) food and non-food sectors.

Offsetting and insetting solutions
Climate Neutral Group delivers carbon credits to compensate residual emissions from high quality projects that meet the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).
We are a founding and active member of ICROA (International Carbon Reduction and Offsetting Alliance).
We also develop innovative insetting propositions to measure and validate GHG emission reductions and carbon sequestration in supply chains.

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