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Been Management Consulting


Been Management Consulting guides clients in fundamental transitions, aimed at lasting positive impact for your organization, people and the world.



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Company Bio

Our societal challenges are enormous. We believe that companies are eminent to make a difference. By combining profit and growth with a positive contribution to our society. That requires fundamental change. In thinking and doing. Within your organization and in the system of which your company is part.

That is why our focus is on systemic change. We guide companies in their transformation. And we stimulate change and collaboration in the underlying systems. Focused on lasting impact for our customers.

Systemic change is not easy. It requires intensive cooperation, a different view and courage.

The guts to try new things, realize breakthroughs and walk unfamiliar paths. We see it as an exciting expedition. As the route for future-proof business and a better world.

We have already started. Are you in as well?

The essence of our work? Making your company future-proof by realizing a systemic change together. That journey always starts with the development of a new vision for the future and a crystal-clear strategy. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a compass.

And then we get started. By guiding your company in accelerating strategy execution and transformation. We are only satisfied when we achieve sustainable results.

We work with head, heart and soul. Have an understanding of companies and understand how behavioural change works.

We supplement this with our intrinsic motivation to contribute to a better world. In this way, together with you, we ensure sustainable change that matters.

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Services Offered

B in the Boardroom, SDGs and the B, Radical Transformation

Service experience

B in the Boardroom

Examples of our offerings related to B in the Boardroom

Xpedition to the Source: a program for board members to connect with each other, to change the systems in which their organizations operate and to act as global leaders for systemic change. The program includes a monthly online round table discussion, that is broadcasted live.

Business Dialogues: dialogues between two boards, often from a supplier and a client organisation, to truly understand each other’s challenges and find innovative solutions for future problems

Radical Transformation

Our offering related to Radical Transformation:

Our approach to actually transforming into the desired organization is tailor-made. Exactly how we get started depends on the priorities, corporate culture and the gap resulting from a first analysis. At the same time, we have two fixed elements that come back time and again in our transformation approach: (1) top-down and parallel with bottom-up and (2) guiding our clients in their journey step by step.

We support on clients in both the business side (organizational structure, management, performance management and roles and responsibilities) and the human side (leadership, culture and behaviour, learning and employee development).

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SDGs and the B

Our offering related to SDGs and the B:

We support our clients in a sustainability baseline measurement using the B Impact Assessment and SDG Action Manager. Our approach delivers a renewed sustainable ambition, the baseline, and an actionable roadmap covering our strategic recommendations to integrate sustainability and SDG targets into daily practice/ the new way of working.

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