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Bartle is a collaborative and innovative consulting firm and a laboratory of ideas that supports companies in their positive transformations



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Company Bio

Member of the B-Corp community, Bartle is more than a consulting firm, Bartle is an open, collaborative and innovative laboratory of ideas, able to adapt quickly to the new needs of its customers and partners. Bartle launched its “positive transformation” service offer in 2019 and supports long term business transformation at strategic, tactical and operational levels, from strategic assessments to operational changes, by leveraging its different fields of expertise. Bartle has worked with startups in the process of BIA completion and transformation, as well as associations or large groups seeking support in their transformation projects. Our consultants use innovative and collaborative methodologies such as Design Thinking or Lego Serious Game. They have specific tools to help our partners build their transformation roadmap, align their business goals with their CSR objectives and implement positive impact measurement.
Bartle has offices in France (Paris, Montpellier, Lille) and in Belgium (Brussels).

Services Offered

BIA Advisory, Radical Transformation

Service experience

BIA Advisory

To guide organizations in their journey towards the B-Corp certification, we propose a 5-step approach:

(1) The process starts with a self-assesment of your company's maturity: through a first completion of the BIA and based on B-Corp objectives and values, we assess the maturity of the company and the feasibility of reaching the 80 points required as a minimum

(2) Based on this first assessment, we enter a target-setting phase, prioritizing goals and defining a BIA strategy to reach the 80 points in a defined period of time

(3) From these targets, we support the company in translating the strategy into an operational roadmap (team, tools, planning etc.). We build this roadmap through collaborative and co-design workshops and/or a circular economy canvas, with our trained and certified consulting team

(4) Next, we help the organization initiate its BIA roadmap. This covers the preparation of supporting documentation, KPIs analysis, completion of questions, employee interviews, as well as providing external insights to inspire the company at each step of the certification process

(5) Finally, we monitor progress until the final audit, by following up on strategy objectives and making sure the company is successfully moving towards its certification

Radical Transformation

As a business consulting firm and through our "positive transformation" service offer, we support organisations in their most radical and profound transformations, towards more positive models. We guide companies in the review and redesign of their business model and overall organisation. This includes integrating and sharing B-Corp values and principles throughout the corporate strategy, designing more responsible supply chains, supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, implementing a circular economy approach, etc.

We designed a 4 step methodology:
(1) Awareness and qualitative analysis of the issues, materiality mapping

(2) Co-definition of the CSR roadmap included in the strategic and business company objectives, purpose definition, identification of new KPIs, etc.

(3) Implementation and acculturation of the teams via, for example, inspirational workshops, intrapreneurship projects, innovative stakeholder relationship or gamification programs to position CSR at the heart of activities and redefine business models

(4) Roll-out support : Change management and project management, training documentation preparation, communication campaigns, innovative labs, implementation of tools and processes to monitor the completion and reach of the CSR roadmap goals.

The above methodology is a generic canvas that we use as a basis to taylor and adapt the service we provide to companies that want to achieve a "positive transformation".

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